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Equipment excellence

State of the art concrete pumping equipment

We own a complete range of concrete pumping equipment with and without distribution masts, in-line pumps, electric stationary pumps, pumping masts and independent positioning masts. Our range of concrete pumps measuring 17 to 61 meters is one of the most recent.


Health Safety and Training

Health and safety are priority concerns in the eyes of our company, specifically on construction sites. That is why all our employees are mindful of their safety, as well as that of others. We respectfully follow the occupational health and safety standards, as well as the regulation on the safe use of concrete pumps with distribution masts.

With respect to concrete application in confined zones, in the presence of electric wires, in adjacent buildings or work being done simultaneously with other equipment that may conflict with each other, our concrete pumps with distribution masts are equipped with a rotation and range limiter system, in order to avoid any risk of accident on construction sites.

Pumping MEGA offers you a construction site technical consultant service, designed to satisfy your requirements and carry your project through to completion.

All our employees are in ongoing training in order to operate our concrete pumping equipment well and efficiently. This training allows us to be innovative and always looking for solutions on different types of construction sites.


The Team’s Expertise

 To support logistics, Pumping MEGA uses modern installations, adapted workshops to ensure the preventive maintenance, as well as major repairs. Additionally, Pumping MEGA owns mobile units, in order to intervene quickly in cases where equipment breaks on site.

Pumping MEGA is:

  • courteous personnel
  • experienced operators
  • competent mechanics

Whether it is for:

  • complex installations
  • work in dangerous zones (electric wires, trenches, etc.)
  • confined workspace
  • any other reason

At Pumping MEGA, no excuses only results.

We were highly innovative by using an electric concrete pump while building the 1000 De La Gauchetière in Montreal, with the concrete installation for the 52 floors of that building. Today, we encourage job providers to develop LEED projects. Today, we have the necessary equipment in order to help job providers develop their project with a LEED certification.

Pumping MEGA offers you a range of recent and state of the art concrete pump equipment. Detailed maintenance of the concrete pumping equipment is done regularly in order to minimize the risk of breakage on site.

Short and long term concrete pump rental, with or without operators. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



We are always environmentally-conscious. We have at your disposal recyclable bags designed to hold your concrete residues once the work is done.