Our wide range of concrete pumps with and without distribution masts, in-line pumps, electric stationary pumps, pumping masts and independent positioning masts, allow us to answer all your requirements for all different types of construction projects.

Our range of concrete pumps mainly includes recent models, measuring between 17 and 61 meters. Most of our pumps with distribution masts are equipped with security systems and more importantly, with technology that allows the placement of concrete in all types of locations and situations.

Our pumping masts and independent positioning masts are ideal for challenging applications, such as high buildings or any other high-rise construction and more.

Our independent positioning masts offer the greatest variety of mounting configurations to comply with the unique requirements of your construction site.

Electric stationary pumps are particularly well adapted to pumping concrete on long distances and at great heights as well, via pipes or distribution masts.

Nos mâts de pompage et mâts de placement indépendant sont idéaux pour les applications exigeantes telles que les immeubles de grande hauteur ou toutes autres constructions en hauteur et plus encore.