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Trailer line pump Schwing SP 1000

Trailer line pump Schwing SP 1000

  • Specifications
Us Mesure Metric Mesure
Height 7 2167
Width 6 1950
Length 16 4997
Weight 9300 4218

Pump specifications

Us Mesure Metric Mesure
Theor. Concrete Output 70 cu yds/h 54 cu m/h
Max. Pressure on Concrete 1100 psi 76 bar
Max. Strokes Per Minute 35 35


The trailer-mounted line pump SCHWING SP 1000 is a trusted choice for concrete projects requiring both reliability and performance. With a theoretical concrete production of 70 cubic yards per hour and a maximum pressure of 1,100 psi, this pump offers robust power suitable for a variety of construction applications. Its compact design and sturdy construction ensure easy handling on the job site while delivering consistent results. The SCHWING SP 1000 pump is designed to meet the highest industry standards in durability and performance.

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