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Trailer line pump Schwing SP 750-18

Trailer line pump Schwing SP 750-18

  • Specifications
Us Mesure Metric Mesure
Height 8 2590
Width 6 1950
Length 16 4997
Weight 8850 4014

Pump specifications

Us Mesure Metric Mesure
Theor. Concrete Output 70 cu yds/h 54 cu m/h
Max. Pressure on Concrete 1100 psi 76 bar
Max. Strokes Per Minute 35 35


The trailer-mounted line pump SCHWING SP 750-18 embodies the perfect combination of power, efficiency, and versatility for your concrete projects. With a robust and compact construction, this pump is designed to deliver exceptional performance on the job site. With a theoretical concrete production capacity of 70 cubic yards per hour and a maximum pressure of 1,100 psi, it ensures precise and reliable distribution of concrete, suitable for a variety of construction applications. Whether for foundations, slabs, or vertical structures, the SCHWING SP 750-18 will meet your needs with efficiency and reliability, ensuring the success of your projects.

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